ART-DESIGN Monica Castiglioni / PISTILLI!

Opening the site of the Battaglia Artistic Foundry in Milan, we read: "From 3500 BC to the present day, the Bronze Age has been used by the most important civilizations to represent and archive its historical and artistic memory. From the Babylonians to the Chinese, from the Etruscans to the Romans, from the Renaissance to the twentieth century, until today the Bronze has immortalized both the forms and the concepts of the Sculptors of every epoch, making their contemporaneity immortal ".
The immediate and almost inevitable relationship between Monica Castiglioni and the famous Battaglia Foundry therefore appears evident.
Since 1913, the Battaglia Artistic Foundry has been producing bronze sculptures with the lost-wax casting technique, the same technique with which Monica creates her jewels and sculptures. And it was precisely because of his sculptures that the encounter with the historic Milanese foundry was born.
“From the jewel to the sculpture the passage was gradual. First came the oversized pistils, then the bronze nests, and finally the big, heavy, beautiful pistillone. All made with the lost wax technique, just like jewels ".
And once again Monica explores new forms of relationship, forms that generate sentimental codes. Sculptures and forms that do not fear the Chaos, which, indeed make it a tool to explore new ways of feeling. Monica Castiglioni's way of "touching" the subjects is dazzling, for Monica the term "research" must be taken in its strongest sense, as in the expression "search for truth".

Francesca Alfano Miglietti


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