ART-DESIGN GHAITH&JAD, Flavie Audi, Thaer Asad-Bakhtiari, bahraini-danish / Wehe

ATHR Gallery presents Wehe, a design exhibition curated by Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, for a first collaboration with the gallery. The exhibition will gather a group of artists, designers and architects specialised in collectible design from the Middle East with special commissions of new bronze works produced by the artistic bronze Foundry Battaglia in Milan.


Wehe explores the meaning of primordiality and its connection to the desert environment. The Oasis dwellings in particular, with their unique geographical context and preservation of old traditions from local inhabitants, combine concepts of modern living with technology and primordial lifestyle.


A balance is set between a contemporary understanding of world and an environment surrounded by essential and meaningful objects, together generating a ritual.

The world Wehe comes from Ancient Egyptian language and means a "dwelling place", wehe is also the origin of the world waaha in Arabic and "oasis" in Greek.


For Wehe, four designers created new objects of pure bronze as a result of a collaboration between the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia in Milan and ATHR Gallery. Guided by the curator in concept and production development, the designers materialized their first ever bronze works.



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