ART-DESIGN Roberto Sironi - Ruins

[the ruins allow to the man to perceive the distance between past and present, contextualizing it within history ...]
The project by Roberto Sironi RUINS starts from the consideration of these historical and artistic aspects with the ambition to express, through a series of works, not only the feeling of "lost time" but also that of the "present time" through the re-signification of architectural fragments belonging to different historical periods.

The project relates some constructive elements of the classical era such as column bases, capitals, sections of amphitheater with those of an industrial age, such as double T beams and reticular structural elements.
The result is a series of works like ruins of the contemporary, freely deconstructed and reconstructed, imaginative simulacra, programmed artifices where the materials and the techniques of execution do not correspond to the original but rather become functional to the post-archaeological message conveyed.
And it is according to this concept that the elements pertaining to industrial archeology are transposed into bronze sculptures through the lost-wax casting technique and then polished to mirror to express an "indefinite time" that becomes hypothetical, evanescent, suspended. The same concept is expressed for the elements of classical architectural matrix, made in Artificial Marble of Rima, a material created in Piedmont (Italy) at the end of the 1800s as a simulation of natural marble to decorate the interiors of the buildings of court in St. Petersburg and Moscow, and then subsequently employed throughout Europe. A timeless material as non-geological marble.
In the project by Roberto Sironi the archaeological concept of ruins is thus reworked according to a new perspective: having taken note of the architectural remains that time and history have given us, the works show how the different fragments can be superimposed and re-signified RUINS it becomes a practice that is conscious of using the elements as free tools in the construction of the project, eliminating geographical and temporal distances, shaping the forms according to ideal representations, reflecting the utopias and dystopias of our time.


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