OPEN STUDIO Arianna Carossa / Massetere

Arianna Carossa's work takes fragments of very different materials, creating a heterogeneous system that takes shape in a sculpture. The communication of the parts, in apparent contrast between them, is the fulcrum of new formal solutions, which invests with a new presence, essence and experience.

"To restructure oneself by modeling", explains the artist, who, after years of experience between Italy and New York, exposes himself in a new compositional aesthetic that challenges the contours of the form. The fragments of a classic iconographic figure, the horse, are held together by acoustics in a film that resonates in space. In this way, from the association of materials and compositional sounds, the presence of the body itself is suggested without representing it in its most recognized meaning.

The installation by Arianna Carossa, presented in the room dedicated to fusion since 1913, in one of the oldest in Italy, the Battaglia Artistic Foundry, opens to the public the opportunity of an imaginary association, and of conceptual connection. In Battaglia, as the artist tells us: "I find a lost sacredness, a democratically cut aura, also made up of competence more than of formal intuition".


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