ART-DESIGN Roberto Sironi / Anteprima della Collezione FUOCO

The Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris and the Fonderia Artistica Battaglia present FUOCO collection designed by Roberto Sironi. FUOCO is fruit of the collaboration between two of Europe’s most prestigious art and design venues - a renowned space for high design in Paris and an historical artistic foundry in Milan.


In this project Roberto Sironi has sought out the remains of burnt trees to reflect on the intrinsic value of the entropic process that models matter according to the laws of nature. The project was born out of in situ searches for natural elements already featuring sculptural aspects, which then became works of art through bronze casting. In this way some of these fragments of trees have been transformed into works of art, others have been burnt again, modelled, sculpted and then created in bronze through the lost-wax casting process.

Sironi’s work therefore completes a sculpture started by nature, in an attempt to crystallize in bronze the instant in which matter becomes sculpture, writing a new chapter on the subject of natural vs. artificial, a permanent feature of the artistic debate.

The exhibition at Gallery S.Bensimon will introduce the project to the public, highlighting the linguistic and material research and experimentation involved. The glow of the fire through the reflections of the glossy bronze, the pure black bronze patinas, the intensity of the raw textures with burn marks and cracks, the material sculpted according to the artistic interpretation of men. Functional elements that can be considered as evidence of the link between man, art and nature, with its origins and primal memories.


“The anthropological approach to the project is what drives and engages Roberto Sironi’s production. In-depth investigation of matter, its primary nature and a deep respect for its original evolutionary structure are highlighted in the collections created in recent years by this designer, who is distinguished for his sound approach and moral integrity.

FUOCO, his latest creation, is particularly evocative and has the added value of relying on fate: the casual aspect of the encounter – in this case with a piece of burnt wood found in a forest and elevated to a primordial design element – is re-processed by the artist to become something else and re-appropriate the past. This is the result of remarkable, powerfully creative energy.”


Maria Cristina Didiero


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