We are pleased to invite you to the Battaglia Foundry Sculpture Prize Exhibition

Fonderia Artistica Battaglia presents Nicolas Deshayes' sculpture Dear Polyp and the finalists' projects of the BFSP #01

Opening: 11 October 2016
from 7pm to 9pm

Fonderia Artistica Battaglia opens an exhibition celebrating the first edition of the Battaglia Foundry Sculpture Prize. The exhibition BFSP #01, curated by Camilla Bonzanigo, Culture and Development Manager of the historic Milanese Foundry, describes the entire process of the Prize through the showcase of the winning artwork by Nicolas Deshayes, and the projects of the five international artists who have taken part in this first edition. 

The BFSP is an annual award addressed to young international artists established with the aim of promoting the use of bronze and lost-wax casting process in contemporary art practices.

Five international leading figures of the contemporary art world select five artists each presenting a proposal for a bronze cast.

A jury then evaluates the proposals paying specific attention to their procedural features, which are of extreme challenge within the casting process.

Thinking of the many transformations that the model will undergo during the various phases of the lost-wax process (moulding, wax, casting, chisel and patina), is a great opportunity to experiment new possibilities for young artists.

Courtesy Archivio Fonderia Artistica Battaglia
Courtesy Archivio Fonderia Artistica Battaglia
Courtesy Archivio Fonderia Artistica Battaglia