Yves Scherer

Yves Scherer (b. 1987, Solothurn, Switzerland) is a Swiss contemporary artist living and working in New York. He graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 2014 with an MA in Sculpture, after receiving a BA in Sciences of Culture from the University of Lucerne.

Experimenting with different mediums and forms, Scherer discusses themes ranging from gender identity, personal life experiences and emotions to Hollywood culture, public media, and spectacle. The artist questions the boundaries of privacy while exploring the tensions between reality and virtuality, particularly during this digital age of instantaneity.

His work surveys society's fascination with entertainment personalities and breaks the mythicized barrier between the fan's imaginary and the celebrity. This is evident in a recurring subject of his work, inspired by actress and female activist, Emma Watson, where Scherer combines computer aided technologies to translate a fan fantasy into a physical body of work. The artist uses behind the scenes  stories, such as the publicized love affair between Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, to render daily moments, often romantic ones, with a striking combination of intimate thoughts and familiar faces. His work reflects on a voyeuristic desire to peek into the seemingly impenetrable lives of celebrities.

Simultaneously, Scherer's interest in human condition has ventured beyond his celebrity-based oeuvre. In a series of tatami mats, the artist incorporates common found objects and mixed media such as paint, textiles, souvenirs from his travels,  and articles that together speak of his own experiences and memories. His use of everyday materials, both from nature and popular culture, evoke a form of contemporary Arte Povera. In contrast to his artwork produced through digitalized processes, this approach engages with simple and unprocessed materials.


Yves Scherer
BOY, 2019,