For more than hundred years we have been working with the most important italian and foreign artists and today we are an important cultural center for young artists and designers

Open Studio

Battaglia offers a studio space for selected artists who intend to cast their sculptures in the foundry. The artists will be assisted throughout production, and will have the opportunity to exhibit his/her project in a space located in the premises of Battaglia’s historic building in Via Stilicone 10.

Bronze is now

The annual exhibition that shows all the works of the artists who made a residency in Battaglia foundry.
A collection of works where research and history merge into a new chapter of a millenary yet timeless tradition.
Working with lost wax casting, Battaglia promotes everyday the conservation of the traditional technique, throughout an innovative research that can push the creative avantgardes towards comprehending a noble and eternal material such as bronze.
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Battaglia Foundry Sculpture Prize

The Battaglia Foundry Sculpture Prize (BFSP) is a sculpture Prize for young artists dedicated to the development of new creative practices around lost-wax bronze casting.


The Fonderia Artistica Battaglia organises events to promote the contemporay art and art design.

Monumenti in città

In collaboration with the artists Battaglia foundry manages donations and produces sculptures for donations to italian and foreing towns.


Fonderia Artistica Battaglia has opened a museum of casting process inside the foundry to explain the lost-wax casting.

18 November 2021

Cezary Poniatowski - Heavy Silence

27 September 2018

OPEN STUDIO Benni Bosetto / Le Streghette

13 April 2018

Gianni Politi, 2017

20 March 2018

OPEN STUDIO Francesco Maluta / Bernoccolo

23 January 2018

OPEN STUDIO Giulio Zanet / Zombi

9 November 2017

OPEN STUDIO Josefina Vilela / Il Cammino

21 June 2017

OPEN STUDIO Federico Tosi / Il Signorino

25 May 2017

OPEN STUDIO - Bibi Yamamoto

31 March 2017

OPEN STUDIO Marta Pierobon / Shoes, Tongues and Cigarettes

30 March 2017

OPEN STUDIO Bronze is Now

9 March 2017

OPEN STUDIO T-Yong Chung / Lavinia

10 February 2017

OPEN STUDIO Elisa Strinna / This Algo is like a Tiger that lurks in the Woods

13 December 2016

OPEN STUDIO Sara Enrico / Mirroring

11 October 2016

OPEN STUDIO Arianna Carossa / Massetere

24 September 2016

Alessandro Pavone "Armour"

13 February 2016

OPEN STUDIO Tao Kulczycki / Seated

9 December 2015

Christoph Meier / Nicola Pecoraro

28 October 2015


23 September 2015


2 July 2015


12 June 2015

OPEN STUDIO Iavor Lubomirov

5 June 2015

Kengiro Azuma - La Vita Infinita - Cimitero Monumentale di Milano

4 June 2015


11 April 2015

OPEN STUDIO Megumi Matsubara / A proposal for a textbook to learn braille, english and other languages

11 April 2015

Luca Monterastelli - The Close of the Silver Age

29 January 2014

Giorgio Andreotta Calò - Level

28 March 2009

Giornate aperte FAI

OPEN STUDIO Yves Scherer / Boy

OPEN STUDIO Fabio Roncato / Il pianeta dove evaporano le rocce

OPEN STUDIO / Dorota Jurczak

OPEN STUDIO Matilde Sambo / Vita come saliente avidità

OPEN STUDIO / Gina Folly

Eric Sidner - November Open Studio Residency

Ludovica Carbotta wins BFSP#05

OPEN STUDIO / Lea Dumayet

OPEN STUDIO / Simone Zaccagnini

OPEN STUDIO Marco Ceroni / GMG - Gioielli Mostri Giganti

OPEN STUDIO Morgan Courtois / Morbidezza