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As a child I saw my mother often naked around the house. Naked and running between the shower, the preparation of breakfast, the choice of the dress, the washing machine, the make-up, the wet rag to wash the floors ... Always accompanied by Brazilian popular music, MPB. He listened in particular to the records of Chico Buarque, songwriter who wrote so many critical songs about the military dictatorship in Brazil. I think it's his favorite composer - my name comes from the 1983 ‘’ Beatriz ’song. I try to imagine it today in his everyday rituals: while he washes, combs his hair, chooses his dress, prepares breakfast ...

B. Y.

Is there a distinction between one's memory and that of others? Bibi Yamamoto, only six months after the exhibition entirely dedicated to her in the Sala delle Colonne of the Science Museum, invites us to the spaces of the Battaglia Artistic Foundry, in a place of intimate rites.
Is there a distinction between one's own imaginary and that of others?

Nicolas Bourriaud in his famous critical text Post production talks about visual deejaying, describing the reaction of late twentieth-century artists to image inflation. Bibi is a post production artist in his utmost expression; objects drips, manipulates sources, arranges pieces purchased on ebay in the exhibition space.


The new complex installation Women Geographies, between montages and looting, transforms a stream of memories into sensitive matter: we use the artist's narratives to construct our scenarios.

In this universe composed of affective objects and everyday geographies, the new edition of bronze sculptures emerges, produced by Video Sound Art Festival and realized in collaboration with the historic Battaglia Artistic Foundry within the Open Studio project.
Female bodies without belly, primitive, explicit references to the Venus of Savignano of prehistoric times. The female silhouettes, covered as precious toys, have an abstract profile. We can define them as slender, related to the generating forms of the Paleolithic. They do not suggest fertility, they do not know procreation, they are thinking, waiting figures. They explore the connections between individuals. Each contains a comment, a thought that makes them anthropomorphic.
 Extract of the critical text by Laura Lamonea


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