Cristiano Alviti


I’m a sculptor. I start with paint ( water colour especially)  at a very young age  and later made a vocation of it to pay for my university studies. This was an important phase, during which experimented, studied and measured, with my brother Patrizio,  various techniques, such as oil painting, mosaic, fresco and decoration. In 1995, I decided to drop out of university and to establish a company with Patrizio they called Studio Mic, inspired by old-style workshops, now named OFFICINA ALVITI : BESPOKE LUXURY. Since 2003, I have almost uniquely displayed my work in personal exhibitions, and have worked with public and private institutions. In 2004  I start my first monumental sculpture collection in bronze: The Giant.  Actually, after ten year of artistic works, I partake in : 53° &  54° ESPOSIZIONE INTERNAZIONALE D’ARTE BIENNALE DI VENEZIA ; XXIV BIENNALE DEGLI ARTISTI DEL MEDITERRANEO  ; REALIZATION OF MONOTYPE ENGRAVINGS for the CNEL’s (National committee for finance and labour) 50thanniversary, commissioned by AICESIS (International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions); SCULPTURE: FOUNTAIN FOR PIAZZA APPIO CLAUDIO (COMMISSIONED BY ROME’S CITY COUNCIL), donation, realization and placing of a sculpted fountain in Piazza Appio Claudio (Municipio XIII); REALIZATION OF COMMEMORATIVE MEDALS AND BRONZE STATUES FOR THE 70TH ANNIVERSARY OF ENPAM; DESIGN AND MAKING OF A COMMEMORATIVE GOLD MEDAL, A PRESENT FROM ENPAM TO GIORGIO NAPOLITANO, President of the Republic of Italy, 10 INDIPENDENT ARTISTIC COLLECTIONS. 

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